Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Seaslugs of the Pacific Northwest

Descriptions are beneath the relevant photo. These shots were taken in Puget Sound from 2006-2009 with my SeaLife DC800.

Orange Alabaster

This one looks like a lit-up city.

Runcina sp. This guy makes mucus tunnels in the sandy shallows at the entrance to the Alki Junkyard.

Clown nudibranch, always a good omen on a dive.

Mousey nudibranch colony on the fallen piles near the Honeybear at Cove 2, Seacrest Park.

There are three in this shot, all different colors of the same species. Lemon peel nudibranch.

"Expensive Vanilla" and Giant Pacific Nudibranch (8").

Alabaster nudibranch.

Tritonia Festiva, 50mm with live-aboard polychaete worm (shown below). The worm retreated into the front of its host upon disturbance. Cove 2.

Flabellina nudibranch, Cove 3.
Note the corner blur in these DC800 images, which has been fixed in the DC1000 camera. Seaslugs of New South Whales forthcoming.

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