Friday, July 24, 2009

Home base

Progress on the house is good. I'm buying a paint sprayer tomorrow to just get it done. All of the appliances needed major work and we put in a new furnace today. It was such a relief to see it fire up and work with my old thermostat because it was used and all the wires had been cut. The oven took some tinkering. Unshielded sparker wires actually loose power by induction if they are too close to metal. The fridge is just dead. The water heater and furnace are also dead from basement flooding.

Oh and I fixed the doorbell, which is sweet because I hadn't heard it since I was about 7.

This is me as a toddler. That's my mom.

Our attic yielded some treasures, including my old clothes and a few old toys I really loved. I've kept all the good bits for whenever we have kids.

My sister just showed up to help out for the last week. More finished house pictures to come soon.

Also, today my truck made a distinct 'ping' sound, and started running way better.

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